JLA Inspiring Woman
The Inspiring Woman award is given monthly during our League year and is decided by our membership. It is an award given to a member that inspires us in work ethic, with volunteering, dedication, and overall enthusiasm. These are the women that motivate and lead, embodying our mission to promote voluntarism, develop the potential of women and improve our communities!



Violet is serving this year as A Red Carpet Affair co-chair this year. She is always so positive and encouraging, and brings an air of excitement to every meeting regarding this event. She attended every fundraising meeting right up to the day before she left for her wedding, and came back to attend a fundraising training event right after getting married. She never skipped a beat, and did every single thing she possibly could for this event all while planning one of the most important days of her life. Violet is always willing to help, she acclimates to every situation and is truly a team player. I am grateful to know Violet and to try to live by her example.



This member has been the backbone of the fundraising committee. She has worked at length with other members to train on the usage of the website, and has worked with others to set up all of the fundraising pages, including annual campaign and Red Carpet Affair. She has attended all but one fundraising meeting, both committee and council. She is always positive and giving in any way she possibly can. She is a co chair for our spring event, and she is passionately working on both of our big fundraisers. She has vast knowledge about all things fundraising and we are lucky to have her so that we can move forward smoothly and successfully.



This amazing woman is actively involved in her committee, helping with community and worth the Diaper Bank. In addition, she is also attempting every way possible to help other committees too, namely fundraising. She always is supportive and kind to talk to. I am so glad she is actively back in our League this year, and aspire to be more like her.