JLA Inspiring Woman
The Inspiring Woman award is given monthly during our League year and is decided by our membership. It is an award given to a member that inspires us in work ethic, with volunteering, dedication, and overall enthusiasm. These are the women that motivate and lead, embodying our mission to promote voluntarism, develop the potential of women and improve our communities!



Amy is a fourth year active in the Junior League of Albuquerque.  She joined for the reasons many ladies do - to meet new people, get out of a work/life rut, and have an organized way to do volunteer work.  Her professionalism and leadership impresses all who serve alongside her.  Amy is a devoted mom, loyal friend, and talented writer. Outside of the League, Amy works as the quality assurance manager at a counseling agency, and her favorite time is spent with her husband and their 18 month old daughter. It is impressive how Amy balances work, family, and service.  She is an avid reader and pursues her hobbies.  How she does it all is truly inspiring.

Amy served on Community Council as a Done in a Day chair and Training and Membership Council as a New Member Advisor, which was her absolute favorite placement ever.  Most recently Amy's been on the Governance Committee, which will be known as Nominating. Amy will serve as a board member and the chair of this committee starting in June. Amy is most proud of the friendships she's made and the ladies she's worked with in the Junior League because each one of them has influenced her to be a better person, which she feels is the ultimate #lifegoal.   


Nicole has deep roots in New Mexico and loves our community. She is a 5th generation New Mexican (her family was here before NM became a state!) and comes from a family that values serving others.  She joined the Junior League of Albuquerque after returning home from her time in Arizona.  

 Nicole started her career as an investigator for Child Protective Services in Arizona and worked for a medicaid insurance company as a Behavioral Health Case Manager.  It's easy to see how Nicole became so passionate about our foster care focus. She has spent the last 11 years in education as both a teacher and social worker, and has coached cheer, dance, and track throughout those years. 

 Nicole  has an incredible work ethic, and works diligently to serve her school, the athletes she coaches, our community, and our league.   She is quick to inspire members of the Junior League of Albuquerque, and encourages us to believe that we can make a difference.  Nicole doesn't think making a difference is daunting.  She sees tackling community challenges as vital, manageable, and is ready to get you to come alongside her.  


Michelle is a business owner, and lives in the East Mountains with  her husband of 20 years, Keith, and their five overactive dogs.  She doesn’t have children but she does like working with them.  Michelle likes to travel, fish, attend music events, and do anything else that keeps her away from her desk on wonderful weather days!  Michelle enjoys the Junior League, as it gives her an opportunity to help and get to know more about our community. Her goal is to have our community recognize the Junior League of Albuquerque as a big contributor!

 Michelle is quick to volunteer for community events and promotes the Junior League by inviting her friends to volunteer with her.  In meetings, Michelle asks thoughtful and important questions.  Whether it's a presentation, like Wings for Life, or if we are deciding on a project, Michelle does not hesitate to speak up. This is a sign of not just her confidence, but also how much she cares and is invested in our league.  Michelle is extremely dedicated to her work on Fundraising Council, and steps up wherever there is a need. She is an inspiration to others to speak up, show up and work hard.


Darlene is serving on both Communications and Governance this year. She is helping and taking charge in both committee’s needs, and gives helpful input in both. In the spirit of our organization, she is learning new things in her placements. With marketing, new technology and ways to communicate; and in Governance, she is helping to build a new structure that has been recommended by AJLI . She is learning how best to ease our League into this new structure concept, and shared her learning when she led a training for our membership.

Members who worked with Darlene know they can always count on her not only doing what she says, but putting in more effort and going above and beyond. She wants to completely understand the different parts of the League, and be able to contribute to build a stronger League. Plus, she's just fun to be around!


For the month of October, the inspiring woman was actually a team of two, Nataley Quintana and Lauren Jones.

Their nominators commended them on the hard work, time and effort they put into created a two-semester year so we may have two classes of new members. With the help of Anna Doss, they created a new member section on the website to replace the notebooks and binders; they met many times over the summer to make sure the policies, procedures and plan were just perfect. With the help of their advisors they put on a successful orientation.

Both women are double placed and also serve on governance, helping create strategic plans for the benefit of our league. Lastly, both have put in hard work as board members in recent years. They continue to serve the league and have been inspiring and uplifting women in it since they began.


Torri was described as someone who “constantly brings women into her tribe” and as someone who is effective at making women feel like they belong in the League and in  her close circle. She can see women's strengths (even when they don't see them in themselves) and helps women find their niche in the League helping them to serve and excel! All while gently encouraging professionalism and follow through, not only in herself but in those that she leads. 

Torri has been a member of the JLA for many years serving as New Member Chair, Training & Membership MAL and VP, Governance Committee as well as being a Past President.