Member Spotlight – Santina Reichow

by Kellie Tomlin, February 2023 She didn’t own a television until 2020…. If she was a New Mexican food dish, she’d be a green chile apple pie because she’s a blend of spicy and sweet….  Her favorite vacation was to Singapore (“google Supertree Grove”)….  And she originates from Chicago so don’t even try to ask her… Read More

ACF Endowment Grants Recipients

Double-placed committee members from across our League selected local nonprofits who “support the healthy development of children and young people and assist them in achieving their personal and professional dreams…” which included but is not limited to low income families, children with disabilities, racial and ethnic minorities, survivors of violence and other risk factors. New Day, Heart… Read More


The week of March 15-19, 2021, our members will be carrying around diaper bags instead of a purse or handbag, as a part of Junior League of Albuquerque’s Diaper Bag Initiative #AskMeAboutMyDiaperBag.

Our goal with the Diaper Bag Initiative is to bring awareness to the work that the Junior League of Albuquerque is doing in our community.  Proceeds from the Diaper Bag Initiative benefit The Junior League of Albuquerque’s mission and our focus on serving the underserved children in our community.

During the Diaper Bag Initiative, we will be sharing information about the Junior League of Albuquerque’s mission, current and past projects in New Mexico, and how the Junior League of Albuquerque (#JLAbq) has been actively fighting for lasting community change in the Albuquerque since 1934.

This is JLABQ

Members of the Junior League of Albuquerque benefited from an inspiring training session led by Vicki Clark Consulting during our General Membership Meeting on January 12th. Many thanks to Vicki for sharing her wisdom and insights.


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