Transfer Membership

Transferring into the Junior League of Albuquerque

The Junior League of Albuquerque (JLA) cordially welcomes Association of Junior League International members transferring to Albuquerque from Leagues around the world.

If you're moving to the Albuquerque area and are interested in joining the JLA, we'd love to have you! Since 1934, The Junior League of Albuquerque has played a major role in expanding and enhancing the quality of life experienced by local citizens.

How to Transfer

To transfer to the JLA, you must notify your current (sending) League and ask them to submit a transfer request to AJLI.  Upon doing so, all parties will be notified and we at the JLA (receiving League) will contact you to finalize the transfer.  We will mail you a welcome letter and Membership Information form that will need to be completed and returned along with any required dues payment within 30 days.  After which point you will be contacted by our Membership Chairs regarding placement.  If you are due a refund from your sending League, please work with them to arrange for the refund.  Each Junior League is independent; funds are not transferred between Leagues.